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Multimine was moved to Waiting status. Do not deposit there.
Some issue with Blockchain API, here the information from administration: " Please accept our sincerest apologies for this. We understand that our members need to get their payments daily as expected. We did not foresee this problem and it is mainly a problem on Coinbase's end, so instead of trying to patch things up again we decide to move away from them alltogether to avoid any future issues.

Due to this the withdraws are currently not functional until we replace the current API with Blocktrail's. But we have put high priority of this issue, so our developers are expecting to get it back up and running in the next 24 hours or less. "

So, we hope all will get to normal soon!

Oct-31-2016 08:39:42 AM

Protsveta Community

Protsveta Community has been added to Exclusive listing with 3000% RCB.

Oct-31-2016 04:37:53 AM


WAL-MART PROFIT was moved to Paying status. Administrator solved the issues on withdrawals and explained the situation.

Oct-28-2016 02:33:24 AM


Multimine administrator has added Perfect Money as payment method. Deposits with PM should be near instant, as is with the withdrawals as well. Great move!

Oct-27-2016 12:50:42 AM

Mars Capital

Mars Capital was moved to Not Paying status. Do not deposit there.
Only 8 days that this administrator runs this program, with such daily earning percentages, gives about 50% of the investment covered, not a good performance for this program!

Oct-27-2016 12:42:37 AM

Right Rise

Right Rise has been added to Sticky listing with 2500% RCB.
Very unique design and attractive investment plans.

Oct-26-2016 06:29:31 AM


CoinTrade has been upgraded to Sticky listing with 3000% RCB.
Very good management till now, the upgrade was a good move by the administrator!

Oct-22-2016 08:46:06 AM


HourBitcoin was moved to Paying status again. Problem it´s solved.

Oct-21-2016 02:37:51 PM


Import4Export was moved to Not Paying status. Do not deposit there.
Very cheap administration, for some investors never a payout has been made, we don´t need such projects!!!

Oct-20-2016 10:09:08 AM

Mars Capital

Mars Capital has been added to Sticky listing with 3000% RCB.
Very interesting program for mid term, with good design and most of the investment plans are playable. I think this one deserves a chance!

Oct-18-2016 10:24:48 AM